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Sell Your Luxury Home

When it comes to selling premium property, there is a need for premium marketing. Its has been proven time and time again that if the marketing behind a luxury product or service is executed in the right way, then not only does it attract the right buyers/ customers, but the ultimate goal of achieving a higher price is achieved.

‘The Gold Collection’ is designed to do just that. We believe that with the tailored and highly detailed marketing.

‘The Gold Collection’ offers, we are able to showcase these magnificent homes to the right audience and ensure that the journey between the seller and the buyer is handled with the highest standard of care and attention. We are not just selling a property; we are selling a home and a lifestyle and use the very latest in innovative technology and media to showcase these homes. We understand that these homes and the sellers who own them may have certain requirements in the way the transaction is handled, so we not only limit the number of sales dealt with at anyone time, but the whole process is handled by one individual to where a strong and trusting relationship is formed. Our agents value the relationship with client above all else.

Luxury Marketing

In a world where we are constantly having photos, images, and advertisements accessible every second of the day; whether that be websites, social media, messaging etc, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that your property stands out to the largest audience. When it comes to selling, we utilise a variety of platforms to showcase our clients’ homes and property gaining maximum exposure, which plays a crucial part in finding the best buyers and tenants so we can achieve the very best results and price.

How We Do It

We market our properties with the aim to capture the very best features along with creating the feeling of a lifestyle using the latest technology.

Dedicated “Gold Collection” Website

• Social Media – Paid ads and targeted marketing and YouTube videos to showcase your property

• Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location. Rightmove will have ‘Premium & Featured Listings’ available for Gold Collection Homes

• Virtual Tours will be available

• Printed Media brochures

• For Sale Boards – Individual from standard brand

• Our very own and growing database

• Virtual Staging available

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